Too Soon?

Too Soon?


The site is up and running. PhotoShop is not crashing QUITE as crazy-bad as before. This is good. Very good.

I still have some work to do on the site, namely retrofitting the old comics into the new format, then uploading and backdating them. I figure I’ll throw two or three in every week instead of trying to do it all in one glorious laborious¬† act of reverse engineering and frustration. Whatever. It’ll be bad ass. I promise.

This is probably the first time most of you have seen my new webcomic page! And when I say “most of you”, I’m probably talking to people I know as I kinda doubt at this point I’m going to be getting any random hits. Matters not! But, I do feel it’s important for me to start this page by giving a big thank/fuuuuuck you to REX. He prepared the skeleton, the muscles, as well as the brain of this site in an evening, whereas it would have taken me months to complete. Through his internet kung-fu, I now have this place to spit things out of my mind for you (the treasured reader) to consume.¬† Go check out his blog- he’s always saying something crazy about his life (for better or worse, but it’s pretty much always interesting).

Anyway, welcome to my site. Feel free to hit the links up on top, even though they don’t do much at the moment. If anybody out there would like to take the time to write my “about” section, that would be awesome. Just e-mail me at tanner at invisibleladders dot com with your “review” and you will be credited appropriately. Also, I have a cafepress store up there too! If you have any suggestions, any requests, send them my way and I will make it happen. Specific comic on a mug? DONE. A boner on a t-shirt? DOUBLE DONE. Just let me know!

So. There you have it. Enjoy, for what it is, what it was, and what it will always be: charming rubbish made for niche consumption.

Discussion (3)¬

  1. Michelle says:


  2. Rex says:

    Honestly, give you’re self more credit. You were just as much a part of the process as I was. Even if you poke at my design and function OCD.

  3. mom says:

    oh, hilarious!
    do i have your permission to hang this on the bulletin board in the Day Treatment room at Mental Health?
    to good to pass up!